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Net-Zero Targets Set for Fiscal 2040

―Setting new environmental targets to achieve a decarbonized society―

KDDI Corporation

On May 9, 2024, KDDI set four environmental targets for the KDDI Group [Jump to the applicable section1] to accelerate the shift to a decarbonized society, including net-zero targets (hereinafter "new targets") to be achieved by the end of fiscal 2040.
The new targets are an update of KDDI's announcement made in April 2022 [Jump to the applicable section2].

Environmental targets [Jump to the applicable section3]Target year
(Fiscal year)
Previous targets
1KDDI Group to achieve net-zero2040Aiming to achieve "net zero" CO2 emissions from KDDI's business activities (Scopes 1 [Jump to the applicable section4] and 2 [Jump to the applicable section5]) and from KDDI's entire supply chains including Scope 3 [Jump to the applicable section6].(New)
2KDDI Group to achieve carbon neutrality2030KDDI Group to bring the year of achieving carbon neutrality carrying it forward by 20 years.Aiming for achievement by the end of fiscal 2050.
3KDDI to turn to renewable energy with additionality [Jump to the applicable section7] by more than 50%2030KDDI to aim for sourcing over 50% of the electricity it consumes from renewable sources with additionality.(New)
4Telehouse datacenters to switch 100% of the electricity it uses to electricity from renewable sources2025The electricity used by the datacenters ran by the KDDI Group under the Telehouse brand will be switched to 100% from renewable sources. KDDI bring the year of achieving this target carrying it forward by one year from the previous target.Aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by the end of fiscal 2026.

<The roadmap for achieving new targets>

To achieve its new targets, the group will increase its use of electricity from renewable sources such as solar power generated by au Renewable Energy. The KDDI Group will utilize its businesses and assets to collaborate with partner companies to help customers and society at large go net zero.


  • Japan set the target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 46% of 2013 levels by 2030 and companies are held initiatives to contribute to this target. Meanwhile, progress toward the reduction targets by 2030 proposed by participating nations for the Paris Agreement was checked at COP28 in December 2023, and it was agreed that the targets need be raised further toward 2035.
  • In April 2022, KDDI announced that it would aim for carbon neutrality by fiscal 2030, and by fiscal 2050 for the KDDI Group. To meet its targets, the Group has been actively working on climate change measures, including by sharing energy-saving initiatives and providing support for utilizing renewable energy.
  • As environmental awareness has further risen globally, we have set new environmental targets to further accelerate the initiatives toward bringing about a decarbonized society.

The KDDI Group recognizes the importance of fulfilling its duty as a responsible global corporate citizen to conserve and protect the Earth's irreplaceable environment that future generations will inherit. We are committed to programs featuring environmental enrichment activities that will benefit all of our descendants.

To see the KDDI Group's initiatives for reducing CO2 emissions, see the references.


■KDDI Group's key CO2 emission-reducing initiatives

1. Initiatives for communication facilities

2. Initiatives at offices

  • (1)
    Introducing renewable energy into company offices
  • (2)
    The new headquarters, due for occupation in spring 2025, will achieve carbon neutrality CO2 emissions

3. Procurement initiatives for renewable energy with additionality

4. Initiatives toward Scope 3 reductions

5. Contributing to a decarbonized society transcending value chains

  1. [1]Targeting KDDI and KDDI's consolidated subsidiaries
  2. [2]April 7, 2022 news release
    KDDI accelerates schedule to achieving net-zero CO2 emissions New target year: FY2030
    Net-zero CO2 emissions from Data Centers by FY2026
  3. [3]To see the definitions of the targets, visit our Website.
  4. [4]Direct greenhouse gas emissions by the business itself
  5. [5]Indirect emissions from the use of electricity, heat, and steam supplied by others
  6. [6]Indirect emissions other than Scope 2 (emissions by others related to the activities of the business)
  7. [7]The introduction of new photovoltaic power generation equipment by the company itself should have the effect of increasing the amount of renewable energy introduced into society as a whole.
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