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KDDI Enters Into an MOU to Co-create Business by Leveraging Google Cloud and XR Technology

―Linking the metaverse and Web3 service αU with Immersive Stream for XR to create high-definition virtual artists―

KDDI Corporation

On March 7, 2023, KDDI entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Google Cloud Japan, LLC to co-create business by leveraging the cloud rendering technology Immersive Stream for XR, among other capabilities.
Through the MOU, we will work to create and promote new XR experiences by leveraging KDDI's 5G technology, its metaverse and Web3 service called αU, the computing resources provided by Google Cloud, and content delivery platforms such as YouTube.

■Details of partnership

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    Refine the XR experience and create new use cases by leveraging Google Cloud technologies

    Google Cloud provides Immersive Stream for XR, a cloud rendering technology that enables high-definition AR and VR expression regardless of device specifications. The company also owns technologies that enable users to express and provide XR experiences more realistically, such as Google Cloud's machine learning platform which enables natural conversations with virtual avatars, and Google Distributed Cloud which minimizes latency and supports a more immersive experience.
    KDDI and Google's technology teams will promote initiatives to co-create business by implementing these technologies. We aim to create new use cases that will lead to innovations in novel forms of consumption and experience behavior, such as by realizing the αU metaverse and Web3 service for a world where anyone can be a creator, and by achieving innovative trial experiences for fashion items.

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    Utilize YouTube to create opportunities for virtual artists

    KDDI will discuss initiatives for utilizing YouTube to create opportunities for virtual artists. For example, we aim to raise awareness regarding virtual artists and create opportunities for many people to experience VR by planning and holding live music events featuring virtual artists in collaboration with YouTube. We will foster a new music culture by utilizing the technologies of the two companies.

<Collaboration between αU live and Immersive Stream for XR>

KDDI and Google Cloud will strengthen their cooperation through a comprehensive framework to promote new businesses utilizing XR.


■KDDI and Google Cloud's digital transformation initiative for apparel businesses

On May 18, 2022, KDDI developed a high-definition XR mannequin for apparel distributors utilizing Google Cloud's Immersive Stream for XR. With this solution, users can view products in 360 degrees via a variety of devices such as store signage and smartphones. Stores can provide a customer experience that feels like the product is right in front of the customer's eyes, without the products being physically present.
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