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GITAI and KDDI Successfully Demonstrates Robotics Construction Capabilities for Lunar Communications Towers

―Developing Lunar 3GPP Mobile Network Technologies for Moon Exploration―

KDDI Corporation

December 7, 2023 - GITAI USA Inc. (GITAI) and KDDI Corporation (KDDI) successfully demonstrated to attach a 3GPP mobile network antenna using GITAI's Lunar Rover and Inchworm Robots. Both companies have newly prototyped a lunar communication tower and antenna optimized for robotic construction. The antenna was transported to the tower by the Rover, and then it was successfully attached at the apex of the tower by the Inchworm Robots, followed by cable connections to provide power.

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<Open link in a new windowThe demonstration video of 3GPP mobile antenna attachment using GITAI's multiple robots [Jump to the applicable section1]>

<Successfully demonstrated to attach a 3GPP mobile network antenna using GITAI's Lunar Rover and Inchworm Robots>

As lunar exploration such as the Artemis Program [Jump to the applicable section2] is emerging, there is a growing demand for high-speed, high-capacity communication services to provide high-quality video transmission from astronauts and rovers on the Moon. However, developing 3GPP mobile network on the Moon by astronauts could be challenging due to the harsh environment, so an autonomous construction by robots would be necessary. To address these challenges, GITAI, the world's leading space robotics startup with its successful tech-demo on the International Space Station (ISS), and KDDI with insights into 3GPP mobile network construction, jointly worked to develop an antenna designed for robotic construction and demonstrated in an environment simulating the lunar surface.

About the Demonstration


  • GITAI's Lunar Rover transported the antenna to a 5-meter communication tower, constructed by GITAI's Robots on a desert simulating the lunar surface.
  • GITAI's 3 x Inchworm Robots manipulated the antenna to the apex of the tower. Power cables were connected with the confirmation of energization.
  • The same combination of the robots detached the antenna and disassembled the tower.

Since 2022, KDDI has been engaged in feasibility studies regarding lunar navigation and communications with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAXA [Jump to the applicable section3]. With the successful result of this demo and our knowledge of terrestrial mobile wireless network infrastructure construction and operation to provide high-quality communication services, we are aiming to contribute to space agencies and private companies that are leading to open a new era for humanity.

KDDI has made an investment in GITAI through "KDDI Open Innovation Fund 3" (operated by Global Brain Corporation), which aims to incubate new business co-creations with promising venture startups [Jump to the applicable section4]. KDDI will support the business growth of GITAI utilizing KDDI assets and jointly take on new challenges in the space domain.

About KDDI

KDDI is a leading telecommunications company in Japan with over 65 million customers. For consumers, KDDI provides reliable cellular service in Japan, Myanmar, and Mongolia. For businesses, KDDI offers loT integration in over 22 million connected cars worldwide, and global data center solutions through their Telehouse brands. Furthermore, expanding beyond telecom, KDDI focuses on sustainability, finance, energy, and DX, Life Transformation, while promoting space, mobility, healthcare, and education as "Satellite Growth Strategy". KDDI, with the vision of "Enhancing the Power to Connect", will create a truly connected society by leveraging 5G and upcoming technologies and services. For more information, visit: Open link in a new window


GITAI aims to reduce the cost of labor in space by 100 times, thereby providing a safe and affordable means of work in space. GITAI operates in two business areas: on-orbit services and lunar infrastructure construction. For more on GITAI's products, services, and upcoming missions, visit: Open link in a new window

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