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KDDI, Sony Honda Mobility Start Collaboration to Drive Connected Businesses Globally

―Supporting AFEELA's entertainment experience and global launch with a communication platform―


Tokyo, February 26, 2024―KDDI has started a collaboration with Sony Honda Mobility to drive connected businesses.
Going forward, KDDI will provide its Global Telecommunication Platform for the mass-produced model of AFEELA, the new brand Sony Honda Mobility plans to launch in 2025, with the aim of supporting the entertainment and global launch AFEELA is aiming for.

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<Image of providing the Global Telecommunication Platform>


The automotive industry is a global industry that Japan is proud of, and it is one of the strategic industries that supports the Japanese economy and employment. In recent years, technological innovations have been progressing in four areas, which are Connected, Autonomous, Sharing and Electric, collectively known as CASE.
Sales of new connected cars are on the rise, and in recent years, needs have diversified, such as services that connect smartphones and car navigation systems. Cars are no longer merely a means of transportation. Rather, they also require a personalized interior environment and entertainment experiences other than driving, which means it is increasingly important to keep communication and cars connected.

■About this collaboration

With its extensive experience in global IoT, KDDI will provide a Global Telecommunication Platform carrying new, highly convenient features to support the entertainment experiences and global launches AFEELA is aiming for.

<What the Global Telecommunication Platform can achieve>

The Global Telecommunication Platform supports connection with KDDI's 5G communication in Japan, as well as 5G communication in other countries, provided by local carriers.
With the provision of 5G communication and a globally universal interface, customers will be able to experience entertainment such as games and movies provided by AFEELA more comfortably with a universal design in each country and region, which will lead to improved CX for customers.

<AFEELA by Sony Honda Mobility>

Sony Honda Mobility Director and Executive Vice President Kojiro Okabe says, "AFEELA is an AD/ADAS using hardware suitable for a premium brand, as well as AI, and pursues mobility as a creative entertainment space. In order to achieve this, mobility needs to be always connected to a network, and it is vital to have high-capacity, low-latency communication that has never been seen before. As SHM pursues high-quality mobility services across the globe, our focus is worldwide communication solutions that will allow efficient operation. That is why we are optimistic for KDDI's Global Telecommunication Platform, and strong relationships with MNOs in target regions."

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■Introducing this collaboration at "MWC Barcelona 2024"

KDDI will introduce this collaboration at MWC Barcelona 2024, which will take place in Spain from February 26 to 29, 2024.
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■About Sony Honda Mobility

In September 2022, the Sony Group and Honda established Sony Honda Mobility, a new company to jointly develop and market value-added EV (electric vehicles) and to provide mobility services. Under the purpose to "Move people, through the pursuit of innovation with diverse inspirations," the company will break through a new era of mobility as a mobility tech company. With the new brand AFEELA, named to symbolize the "FEEL" at the center of the mobility experience, the company plans to launch mass-produced cars in 2025, delivering them in North America from spring 2026, and in Japan by the end of 2026.

■About KDDI

KDDI places sustainability management at the center of its Mid-Term Management Strategy (FY22-24), aiming to advance 5G-based communication businesses, expand communication-centered focus areas and the management foundation that supports them, collaborating with its partners to support the sustainable growth of society and to increase corporate value. KDDI will drive its Satellite Growth Strategy comprising five focus domains, which are DX, finance, energy, LX (life transformation) and region co-creation, to bring a positive DX cycle that transforms people's lives.

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