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KDDI to Exhibit for the First Time at Mobile World Congress 2024


KDDI Life Transformation

TOKYO, JAPAN, January 18, 2024 --- Japanese telecommunication operator KDDI will showcase leading technology in the areas of mobility, digital twin, AI, satellite communications and data centers for the first time at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona, with an exhibit, "Life Transformation: Enhancing the Power to Connect."

"We are thrilled to share with the world the wide variety of solutions we offer that support the global digital society," stated KDDI CORPORATION President Makoto Takahashi. "KDDI is more than just a traditional telecommunications company; we are a Life Transformation Company. We believe that by enhancing the power to connect, we can create a society where anyone can make their dreams a reality. At MWC, we intend to communicate our strength - our diverse communication-focused business assets, connectivity, and our extensive co-creation capacity with partners. I look forward to meeting new partners and discussing how we will co-create new business into the future."

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"Life Transformation: Enhancing the Power to Connect"
Through exhibition presence and scheduled lectures, KDDI will be showcasing its people, partners, and solutions at MWC.


Zone 1 Global Infrastructure & Connectivity

Communication is at the foundation of connectivity, and it has become an indispensable part of our lives.
See how KDDI's global data center business "Telehouse," provides the essential digital infrastructure for the evolution of the global digital economy. We will also showcase how satellite communication service "Starlink" has been deployed in Japan by KDDI to enhance connectivity in challenging geographical conditions, given Japan's prevalence of mountainous and island regions and disaster occurrences such as earthquakes.

Zone 2 Digital Twin with AI

Diversified societies require a lifestyle that is not bound by location or time.
KDDI is excited to introduce "αU," an AI-powered metaverse and Web3 service that enables users to enjoy shopping and entertainment from the comfort of their homes. Stop by to experience the digitally replicated commerce services using Digital Twin technology, as well as browser-based music streaming services for a seamless and enjoyable online experience.

Zone 3 Borderless Gen Z Platform

Gen Zs are digital natives, and their interests are consistently changing and diverse. Let KDDI introduce you to a platform that ties communication and Gen Z communities worldwide, bringing together soccer fans, game enthusiast, and "idol" fans and more.

Zone 4 API Driven Partnership

Businesses face the need for rapid service delivery. In addition to 5G and SMS communications, offering mechanisms for authentication and billing via APIs enables businesses to easily integrate and advance their products and services. As an initial member of the "GSMA Open Gateway" concept, KDDI is ensuring global availability of APIs and working to realize business co-creation with its customers. See real-life case studies in messaging, broadcast and sports businesses.

Zone 5 Future Mobility

Integrate communication into mobility - combine it with connected cars, drones, and robots, and see how it expands experiential value. Visit the Future Mobility zone to experience the future of mobility society and learn how KDDI's platforms and communication technologies contribute to realizing this vision. In particular, see how initiatives are progressing to enhance the enjoyment of space and time during travel in connected cars.

Zone 6 Kon-Nichi-Wa Space

Join KDDI, its people and its partners at the KDDI exhibit's on-site presentation space, to discuss initiatives conducted throughout the various zones.

Scheduled Programs at KDDI Booth

Held daily between 11:00 - 16:45 at the KDDI booth, from February 26 to 28.

Programs for Day 1, February 26

  • As of January 31.

"Envisioning Mobility in Green Digital Society"
with Ryokichi Onishi
General Manager, Infotech-IS, Information and Communication Planning Div., Toyota Motor Corporation
Introducing new joint-initiatives by Toyota Motor Company and KDDI that transcend the boundaries of 'mobility' and 'communication'.

"KDDI's initiatives toward Web3"
with Junta Nakagawa and Maika Ishida
Business Exploration & Development Division, KDDI
Learn about KDDI's metaverse and Web3 service platform "αU (alpha-U)." See how αU offers five Web3 services that seamlessly connect the real and virtual worlds, allowing users to enjoy music concerts, appreciate art, shop, and more, anytime.

"New relationship between GenZ and Telco by leveraging the community"
with Harutaka Kikuchi, KDDI Digital Life
As MNOs in various countries struggle to acquire and maintain a relationship with GenZ, KDDI introduces a platform connecting GenZ micro-communities and telcos. Join Harutaka as he explains future global developments and shares case studies.

"Telehouse: Interconnecting Lives"
with Mark Pestridge
Executive Vice President & General Manager, Telehouse Europe
Uncovering the vital role of connectivity as the invisible thread linking our world. Join Mark as he explores ways to overcome the digital divide and empower developing countries. Learn how we create and innovate to shape the interconnected landscape.

For detailed information about other scheduled lectures, please visit the Open link in a new windowKDDI MWC website.

About KDDI at MWC Barcelona

Find the KDDI booth at Hall4 4E20, between February 26 - 29, 2024. For details about the KDDI booth at MWC Barcelona, visit the KDDI MWC website at:
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About KDDI

KDDI is a leading telecommunications company in Japan with over 65 million customers. For consumers, KDDI provides a reliable cellular service in Japan, Myanmar, and Mongolia. For businesses, KDDI offers loT integration in over 22 million connected cars worldwide, and global data center solutions through their Telehouse brands. Furthermore, expanding beyond telecom, KDDI focuses on sustainability, finance, energy, and DX, while promoting mobility, healthcare, metaverse, and Web3 as the key pillars of Life Transformation. KDDI, with the vision of "Enhancing the Power to Connect", will create a truly connected society by leveraging 5G and upcoming technologies and services. For more information, visit Open link in a new window

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